About johanna seasonwein


I founded The Seasonwein Group to help others work—and work together—more effectively. I focus on mindful listening and empathy as the keys to successful communication and a culture that supports innovation and creativity.

I previously spent 12+ years as a museum curator and university art history instructor, where I coached people of all ages and backgrounds in discussions about works of art. I realized that the skills people needed to successfully decode and discuss a work of art were the same skills we all need to succeed at work: teamwork, creative problem solving, critical thinking, the ability to acknowledge and validate perspectives other than our own, and great listening skills. I now offer interactive workshops that help participants cultivate these so-called “soft skills”—skills that multiple studies have shown can be even more important than technical skills for career success. 

Trained as a medieval art historian, I have taught courses at Columbia University, Princeton University, and the University of Oregon Honors College. At Princeton University, I was one of a select group of educators supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to advance university art museums as laboratories for cross-disciplinary learning. My innovative approach to teaching and curriculum development brought classes in the arts and sciences into the campus museum and led to a 35% increase in faculty and student engagement. Most recently I was the Senior Curator of Western Art at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at the University of Oregon, where I organized thought-provoking programs and exhibitions on a range of topics.

I received my PhD, MPhil, and MA degrees in art history from Columbia University and my BA in art history from Johns Hopkins University. A native of suburban Washington, DC, I now live in Eugene, Oregon.