interview: Katherine Bussard

Peter c. bunnell curator of photography,

princeton university art museum

January 2018. Published online at YIELD magazine.


Princeton and the Gothic Revival: 1870–1930

Princeton University Press, 2012


Princeton and the Gothic Revival investigates America’s changing attitudes toward medieval art around the turn of the twentieth century through the lens of Princeton University and its role as a major patron of Gothic Revival art and architecture. I charted a shift from eclecticism to a more unified, “authentic” approach to medieval art, and examined how the language of medieval forms was used to articulate a new model of American higher education in campus design and the classroom.

Book review

Review for caa.reviews of Elina Gertsman, Worlds Within: Opening the Medieval Shrine Madonna (Penn State University Press, 2015).


Family guide

Medieval Europe, family guide for the Princeton University Art Museum.


Screen shot of 1913: The Year of Modernism website

Teaching website

1913: The Year of Modernism, created for the Department of French at Princeton University.


Teacher training guide

Art Essentials: Vincent van Gogh, created for the Princeton University Art Museum.


Johanna Seasonwein with faculty at Russian Art workshop

magazine article

“In the Classroom,” Princeton University Art Museum Magazine, Winter 2013.


press release

“Successful Corporate Practices Featured as Way to Improve Education for All Students,” Press release for National Education Goals Panel, April 2000 (as Jody Seasonwein).


Teacher Resource

Northern Wei Tomb Retinue, teacher resource created for the Princeton University Art Museum, 2018.

Teacher Resource

Chinese Landscape Painting during the Song Dynasty, teacher resource created for the Princeton University Art Museum, 2018.