Here’s what past clients have to say about working with us:

“I was so pleased with the workshop. The participants felt energized and also challenged to reevaluate how they are building and utilizing their network. It was a great experience!”

Rachel Todd,
Director, Executive MBA Program,
University of Oregon–Portland

“All of the activities kept me engaged the entire time. I enjoyed dissecting the work of art and listening to all of the different points of views that were different than mine that I never would have thought of.”

Workshop participant

“The group exercises … really put an emphasis on listening to your teammates to see how they view each situation.”

Workshop participant

“(I learned) how people can interpret the same thing differently, how looking at art can illustrate this, (and) that it is useful to think about listening together.”

Workshop participant

“Johanna has impressive writing and editing skills. At the Princeton University Art Museum, she wrote everything from scholarly, peer-reviewed essays to wall labels, family guides, and teacher resources. Regardless of the content, she always combined a sure sense of tone and concise, clear prose with a facility for identifying and effectively telling an interesting story.”

Caroline Harris,
Associate Director for Education, Princeton University Art Museum

“Johanna was a valuable member of the team for the pioneering exhibition and catalogue Set in Stone: The Face in Medieval Sculpture (2006–07).  She edited and authored display labels, contributed to the catalogue, and worked closely with the Museum’s Publications Department to ensure the success of the project. She was professional, accurate, and original, and it was a great pleasure to work with her.”

Charles T. Little,
Curator Emeritus,
Department of Medieval Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Johanna was a great help in creating consistency and clarity for an edited volume by our clients. Her expertise, flexibility and attention to detail greatly improved the book’s integrity, and I was impressed with her range of skill as a copyeditor and her willingness to go the extra mile to help make a great publication.”

Lauren Bissonette,
Assistant Editor, Asian Studies, Brill USA

“Johanna’s entries for our volume were cogently structured and to the point, and they demonstrated great sensitivity to the object. She followed our complicated style sheet with great precision, and she turned in her work and responded to our queries in a timely fashion. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

Joan A. Holladay,
Co-editor, Gothic Sculpture in America 3: The Museums of New York and Pennsylvania

“Johanna helped me to refine the text of my book manuscript prior to final submission. She helped me to bring out my authorial voice and clarify my argument, and the final draft benefited from her thorough review (and from her copyediting, which was superb).”

Maile Hutterer,
Assistant Professor, Art History, University of Oregon

“I feel so lucky to have had Johanna edit my book manuscript. Her editing is meticulous and thoughtful, and her comments always form a meaningful conversation and offer a critical perspective—both are extremely important to the lonely writer. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.”

Lei Xue
Assistant Professor, Art History,
Oregon State University

“With Johanna’s guidance, I was able to write concisely and in an accessible way. She has a talent for collaborating and helping others express themselves thoughtfully. Working with Johanna improved my writing and critical thinking skills.”

Meredith Lancaster,
MA graduate, Department of the History of Art and Architecture, University of Oregon

“Johanna led our team at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art by example and taught me a great deal about effective project management. She is also a gifted writer and helped me improve my writing style. She taught me to create museum interpretation that is as engaging and informative as it is accessible and concise.”

June Black,
former Associate Curator, Boise Art Museum